FELTHORN Shetland Sheepdogs  

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Dogs                                                                             Bitches                                      

               Photo: Sandra Taylor

     Felthorn Jazz Singer JW   Pedigree     PRA/CEA clear                        Hip Score 4/4

1 CC & 2 RCCs

               Photo: Mr S Gruszka

 Felthorn Icicle              Pedigree

  3 RCCs


                    Photo: Pet Photos By Lana

            Felthorn Indelible          Pedigree                 PRA/CEA clear                     Hip Score 7/3

 1 CC (Crufts 2006) & 1 RCC

                    Photo: Pet Photos By Lana

    Felthorn Diamond Diva   Pedigree



                   Photo: Ms J Rutterford

        Stanydale Sheaffer          Pedigree        PRA/CEA clear                      Hip Score 8/4

Bred by Pam Stow and Marion Withers, Louie is jointly owned by Marion and Barbara.

1 CC


               Photo BY Lana

Felthorn Lindy Hop        Pedigree

  4 RCCs


               Photo: Pet photos by Lana                                    Owner: Mrs B McLaren

           Felthorn Conspiracy          Pedigree                 PRA/CEA clear                       Hip Score  4/4




 Felthorn Indulgence        Pedigree




Last updated: 05/11/16